Professor Souleymane Mboup and his collaborators welcomed Professor Christian Bréchot, President of Global Virus Network (GVN) at IRESSEF Diamniadio on 30th December 2020. After visiting the various research platforms, Professor Bréchot expressed his entire satisfaction about the  achievements.

This visit of the President of GVN to Senegal took place in a context marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, initiatives such as research projects will emerge from such a rich visit. A partnership is therefore planned in areas such as training in clinical and epidemiological research as well as in other fields deemed relevant by the parties.

Professor Bréchot was questioned on the efficacy of the hydroxy chloroquine and the vaccine against COVID-19. His answers were as follows: “There is no true demonstration of the effectiveness of hydroxy chloroquine”. Regarding vaccines, he declares that “it will be really important to evaluate adenovirus vaccines in Senegal. “

Professor MBOUP was happy with this visit because for him, it was an opportunity for IRESSEF to learn from GVN and Professor Bréchot. He therefore expressed the interest of IRESSEF in collaborating with GVN in all aspects of research.

The Global Virus Network was created in 2013 to provide relevant answers to the viruses that are desolating the world. Professor Bréchot has been the President of GVN since October 2017. By way of thanking Professor Mboup, he referred to a meeting held in Entebbe during which Professor Souleymane Mboup suggested that the GVN network should extend to Africans.

The Global Virus Network faces several challenges with regards to research, training, and education in new methods of governance and interaction. The GVN network is composed of 57 Centers of Excellence, 11 Affiliated Institutions in 33 countries, on all continents. The GVN also has an academic and alumni promotion program through grant writing assistance. In addition, they have recently developed online courses.

The GVN is a non-profit, autonomous, and exclusively science-oriented organization which intends to be a global resource for governments and international organizations.