It is a boon to have a P3 laboratory with the required standards at the Iressef and an improved P3 being finalized which is almost the equivalent of a P4 laboratory. A level 3 laboratory is designed to handle class 3 infectious agents (cause serious illness in humans and in animals, risk of spread in the community). There may be effective treatment and prophylaxis.

In this P3 laboratory diagnostic tests on tuberculosis, anthrax etc.
In addition to tuberculosis, other highly pathogenic germs such as COVID-19 can be safely deactivated and state-of-the-art technologies exist in the institute to diagnose and monitor infected patients. In addition, for arboviruses such as lassa virus, Ebola, Dengue, etc. can be handled in the improved P3.

So all these pathogens can now be diagnosed in Senegal thanks to the works of Professor Souleymane Mboup with the installation of this improved P3.

Before the implementation of this improved P3 during the Ebola and Dengue epidemics, all samples were sent abroad for confirmation or invalidation, but with the presence of this improved level 3 laboratory, all these tests can be carried out in Senegal.


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