On 19 February, the Albert Royer National Children’s Hospital inaugurated its molecular biology platform, set up to diagnose cases of meningitis in children.

The material was handed over to this health facility by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with the Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training (IRESSEF), a structure founded by the Professor Souleymane Mboup.

Tulinabo S. Mushingi – US Ambassador to Senegal

The institute was commissioned to purchase and install all equipment at the Albert Royer Hospital.

” It seems important to remind me that the laboratory is at the heart of medical diagnosis and the strengthening of its capacity is the key to the control of diseases with epidemic potential such as meningitis and improving the management of patients ” said Mr. Mboup who was speaking at the inauguration ceremony.

According to him, “this equipment will help to provide a concrete answer to the problem of access to primary health care for children”. ” In view of the fact that molecular diagnostic methods are essential today and transversal, this platform will serve to strengthen the capacities of national laboratories in the detection, characterization and surveillance of pathogens with epidemic potential ”, a Mr. Mboup continued.

Beyond the implementation of the platform, he reports that its structure supports the hospital Albert Royer in the maintenance and annual certification of this equipment.