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In developpement


In developpement


In developpement

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In developpement

How it all came to be…

IRESSEF strategies

Making IRESSEF a unique working environment to work in, in Africa

• Building research leadership through academic programs but also hands-on training

• Implementing an HDSS in Sandiara to be the first Senegalese led site registered in the INDEPTH network

• A five-year strategic plan is developed in which sustainability will be based on:

– securing domestic resources (levy from internal projects, State political support, services deliveries, etc.)

– collaboration and strategic partnership (e.g. WAGHA, WANETAM, BMGF Africa office, LSHTM, etc.)

– diversifying funding sources, information products and research approaches

– staff motivation and retention.

• Cross-cutting training to enhance professional development and scientific competency.