IRESSEF (Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training) has been welcoming its Ethiopian partners since September 4th, 2017 for a training course on setting up a quality control panel production center.

These external quality control panels or performance tests or Proficiency Testing in English (PT) are intended to evaluate the performance as continuous.

For this training, IRESSEF’s International Quality Control Panel Production Center is in the spotlight.

The results of biological tests obtained from laboratories, in diagnostic sites or near health care facilities must be as accurate as possible because they have a direct impact on care and treatment, prevention and control of diseases. Biological tests consist of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes that require the strict implementation of a quality management system. The components of this quality system include internal quality control (process), external quality controls (PT) and quality improvement. Only when all these components are implemented together can the improvement in the quality or the best possible quality of the tests be achieved and, consequently, can improve the health outcomes, in terms of prevention and disease control, care and treatment.

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Ongoing training focuses on the early diagnosis of HIV-1 (used for the diagnosis of children born to HIV-1 infected mothers and also for the determination of HIV-1 viral load (amount of virus found in HIV-1). infected individual)

The training of these Ethiopians will continue until 14 September 2017 at the IRESSEF Diamniadio, a locality located about thirty kilometers from downtown Dakar, the Senegalese capital. The training is entirely provided in English. It covers all aspects of developing a plan for setting up a PT panel production center.

They are supervised within the institute by a quality staff that provides them with training that meets international standards. A trainer team led by Professor Coumba Touré Kane.