The year 2020 graduates in Pharmacy honor Professor Souleymane Mboup.

CADU Faculty of Medicine
The year 2020 graduates in Pharmacy honor Professor Souleymane Mboup.
In addition to choosing him as sponsor, the young pharmacists offer antibacterial solutions to IRESSEF, founded by Professor Mboup.

The year 2020 graduates in Pharmacy, baptized “Promotion Professor Souleymane Mboup”, have shown their gratitude toward the founder and President of IRESSEF within the fight against the coronavirus.
As recommended by the WHO, antibacterial solutions are effective not only in preventing the coronavirus but also in fighting against other infections.
During a visit of the new graduates in pharmacy at IRESSEF, their spokesperson Ousmane Sémou Pinda Ndiaye said they were very enthusiastic and proud to discover the 6-floor-building of the research institute founded by the distinguished Professor Mboup, himself pharmacist and virologist.

For them, the improvement of health requires competence but also adequate infrastructure. The young pharmacists are keen to use their skills to serve the country like their sponsor, Pr Souleymane Mboup did all along his career.

Cheikh Anta Diop University, which hosts Africa’s first French-speaking School of Medicine has celebrated excellence for years through outgoing promotions in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. The graduates of this year, baptized Promotion Souleymane Mboup, are the 58th promotion since the beginning of the training of pharmacists in Senegal. Choosing Professor Souleymane Mboup as sponsor is a symbol of recognition and a way to pay tribute to the co-discoverer of HIV2.