Doctors responsible for HIV care, laboratory managers, social workers and managers took part Thursday, July 18 at IRESSEF sise Diamniadio (Rufisque) to launch the unique identification code of patients who will to do HIV testing in Senegal.

“It’s a system that allows us to identify a positive person only once.You know, before the arrival of this system, a person declared positive for HIV could be tested several times in different screening sites”

Dr. Astou Guèye, Coordinator of the Sentinel Surveillance Program at the Institute for Health Research, Epidemiological Surveillance and Training (IRESSEF)

Dr. Gueye was speaking on the sidelines of the launch ceremony of the unique identification code of patients who will be tested for HIV in Senegal.

Many experts took part in this meeting. In Senegal, patients admitted to the laboratory for HIV testing are identified by an anonymous structure-specific code but can not avoid re-registering the same patient in the same facility or elsewhere. she explains.

Dr Gueye added: “To avoid these dysfunctions, the IRESSEF under the guidance of the epidemiological surveillance team of Professor Souleymane Mboup has set up a unique anonymous identification system. According to her, this work was possible with the collaboration of the engineers of the computing center of the University Gaston Berger (UGB) of Saint-Louis.