Professor Souleymane Mboup of Senegal, president of IRESSEF, has just been appointed among 3 renowned African investigators to lead the network of innovation laboratories in Africa under the acronym iLEAD (Innovation: Laboratorya�� a��Accelerateda�� a��Diagnostics)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the African Innovation Laboratory Network called iLEAD (Innovation: Laboratory Engineered Accelerated Diagnostics) supported with seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. iLEAD is a network comprised of three collaborating centers in South Africa, Mozambique and Senegal. The program will be driven by experienced investigators; Professor Wendy Stevens in South Africa, Professor Souleymane Mboup in Senegal and Dr. Ilesh Jani in Mozambique.

This group are familiar with the needs of implementation and maintenance of laboratory services in Africa at scale. There is full awareness of the challenges associated with delivering these in an appropriate, affordable manner in clinically relevant timeframes. The overall mission is to integrate innovative laboratory systems to improve patient carea��. a��iLEADa��s unique approach stimulates innovation in new diagnostics and laboratory systems, with interventions that will deliver across the laboratory value chain.

While innovative new laboratory assays remain a major pillar, new approaches to unique patient identification, sample collection and logistics, continuous quality monitoring and connectivity, big data management and a variety of innovative pathology and molecular solutions will be explored iLEADa��s mandate is to create a culture of innovation that facilitates development of novel solutions to tackling obstacles in the often-neglected laboratory space in the African region while encouraging a spirit of social entrepreneurship to ensure sustainability.

iLEADa��s Innovation Pipeline incorporates a phased approach helping innovators through the various stages of product development from a�?Concept & Designa�? all the way through to a�?Clinical Validation for Launch readinessa�?.

As successful innovations exit the pipeline they will be introduced to iLEADa��s network of linked implementing partners to drive real-world impact on patients. iLEADa��s network merges expertise within the fields of Basic Science, Research and Development, Clinical Research, Implementation and Translational Science, Marketing and Business Development with the aim of accelerating the introduction of novel solutions for African and Global Health security. The Network will also leverage the power of PublicPrivate Partnerships with businesses both inside and outside of the industry to help drive best-fit innovations towards these goals

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